Friday, February 12, 2010

The Rape Tunnel

Not art, Rape. Trigger alert.

*Also, note to the interviewer - consenting to crawl through a tunnel - any tunnel - does not constitute consent to sex.

**Update: Turns out someone's responsible and Googled this and it's not real, but I'm leaving it up because if it's not real then someone made it up as...a joke? Awareness? In any possibility still a super FAIL.


Anonymous said...

Joke aside, the concept is clearly a powerful, artistic one that evokes, as art is meant to.
The artistic, open mind will get this; all others will not.
There is no rape here, in the meaning that we all fight against. If this were an actual exhibit, then any who crawl down The Rape Tunnel are volunteering for the experience, as the article states.
This is Not Rape.

Kate said...

Old post, but I wanted to comment, I believe the artist's point was debate the issue of consent and the idea of the victim "asking for it
-She consented kissing, so that means she consented to sex.
-She was walking by herself at night, she was asking for it.
-She was wearing a short skirt, she was asking for it
-She crawled through the tunnel, she was asking for it.

So anonymous you are right, the concept is powerful. And no, there was no rape -because the installation was a hoax, not because of consent by default as you seem to believe.

Perhaps if you had an artistic, open mind, you would have got it.

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