Friday, January 29, 2010

Women calling out Rape

Women on Twitter today were calling out Rape all over the place. 

@WomanistMusings finds out about a Canadian policy to perform pelvic exams without consent on unconscious women in surgery (to be crystal: penetration without consent = Rape)*

and @TheSexist talks about the intensified victim blaming that happens when the victim is engaging in any kind of display that her body is her own (this is specific to a transwoman being raped, and transphobic/victim-blamers using the "trans" to eliminate the possibility of Rape.Also a lot of noise in this story because the accused is famous and therefore couldn't possibly be a rapist.) OH the victim-blaming/rapist-excusers that exist.OH the myths that would be funny, except they literally ruin people's lives.

I'd say "happy reading" but its definitely not - Rape happens while the world denies it.Or uses it as a learning tool.

*The medical field at large is an institution (as Renee points out) based on exploiting or ignoring women's bodies: "The medical profession has a history of discounting women's bodies or pathologizing us at every turn." Gynecology was founded upon terrorizing and torturing women of color, mental institutions FILLED with "problem" women pathologized into oblivion. It's sick (if you'll pardon the grotesque pun).