Friday, November 13, 2009


Taking your son to Hooters as a way to "gauge sexual interest" and avoid actually having to talk to your son about sexuality = massive parenting fail. Objectifying women is NOT the same as developing healthy sexuality.


Criss L. Cox said...

Wow. "I took him to there to see if he ogled the girls or if he still thought they had cooties."

Maybe, j@ck@$$, your kid acted shy because he was embarrassed that you took him there. What about TALKING to him about girls? You don't even have to get into the whole "birds and bees" conversation -- because HEVAEN FORBID you EDUCATE your kid!!! -- you could just ask him what he thinks about girls, if he likes any of them.

Or, maybe, your kid doesn't swing that way. Maybe he was shy around the waitresses because he would have preferred you took him to Chip 'n' Dale's.

champagneandbenzedrine said...

I have a very healthy interest in women, but I act 'embarrassed and shy' around the girls at Hooters because I'm a nicely raised, respectful guy. It's probably no different to the way the kid acted.

So ignoring all the other stupid things about that article, as a test to gauge 'interest in women' it was a pretty pathetic one!

I love Hooters though. Their wings are so crunchy. And pitchers of beer. OM NOM NOM. Glug glug glug.

healthy sexuality said...

Parents must always be open when talking about sex to their children. They don't need to go to hooters just to see their kids reaction when they got there.

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