Monday, November 2, 2009

A not-so-rare-story

3 men go to jail for repeatedly raping a child family member.

Lets think of some things wrong with this story.

1. a woman was sexually assaulted
2. by her family members
3 her mother didn't believe her
4. in the coverate, the mother not believing her seems like the real travesty (not the multiple sexual assaults...)
5. Judge hands out jail sentences saying that the men treated victim like an "unpaid, unwilling prostitute".
...hold the phone a minute...ponder that...Rape and prostitution. If prostitution is unpaid its like Rape? If prostitution is unwilling its like Rape? Or just prostitution is like Rape? People who have been Raped are like prostitutes? Prostitutes deserve to be/are asking to be Raped? Thinking that you have the right to use women for sex? Thinking you have the right to use children for sex? The ideas that uphold the consumption of prostitution, that allow for the consumption of pornography - these are the same that allow for Rape. Is that what the judge meant?

What are the wrongs pulsing through your veins about this story?