Thursday, July 9, 2009


Texas just sentenced an 18 year old mentally handicapped boy to 100 years in jail for groping a 6 year old.

There's a woman that speaks to volunteers where I work about her experience of sexual assault. In short: She was out for a walk mid day on a VT dirt road by the river with her two infants. A man with a weapon forced her and her children into his car, and raped her in front of them, and threatened to find and kill all of them if she told. She went directly to the hospital for evidence collection, called the police to report, went to the state's attorney to press charges - and he rolled his eyes and asked how much time he would have to serve to satisfy her. Only after allowing her name to be published in the newspaper to garner media outrage at the court process did the (elected) public servant state's attorney do anything about the case, threatening that her (2 year old) would be put up on the stand to testify, would be cross examined, that the perpetrator would only get 2 years maximum....

Her rapist went to jail for 10 years. For aggravated sexual assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping a woman and her 2 kids.

Most rapists never go to trial, let alone jail.

But a teenage mentally handicap boy will be in among those that do for 100 years. Somehow I don't feel like justice was served.