Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to end Violence Against Women

Ukraine has banned possession of pornography (except for medical purposes???)And I have lots of gut reactions.

*Porn is Violence Against Women. Don't bother arguing in comments - peruse some of the sites or readings that I've posted, ask to participate in a slide show that I present, and then we can have a discussion.
*Lots of feminists are decrying this - that's confusing to me.
*I appreciate governing bodies taking Violence Against Women seriously, but I wonder if that's the actual catalyst for the legislation, or are we on a moral crusade that has more to do with fear of nudity (and women) than it does with violent oppression.
*I have a hard time believing that legislation is the way to go - particularly legislation against individuals instead of against the industry, which is really the problem. Individuals that use porn, while perpetuating the system, are really hurt too by the industry that's exploiting them.
*On the other hand I can't get too fired up that consumers of violence against women will have a harder time obtaining (as Twisty would call it) their pay-per-rape.
*Medical purposes?! I'll buy masturbation/sex as pain relief (maybe) but I'm not taking porn as a medical cure. It's the illness.