Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quoted: MeMe Roth

File this under "NO"

From the Guardian an interview with an "anti-fat advocate" who is not interested in questioning and challenging the myriad of ways in which capitalism, trauma, poverty, mis-education, media, 9-5 desk jobs, etc interact to influence obesity. She wants to shame Jennifer Love Hewitt into doing more lunges.

"The defence [sic] has been made in the case of sex criminals that there is pleasure on the part of the victim. The same is true with what we're doing with food. We may abuse our bodies with food, but it's incredibly pleasurable. From a food marketer's point of view, when your quote unquote victim is so willing and enjoying of the process, who's fighting back?"

1. "self" abuse is not the same as someone forcibly invading your personal and bodily space.
2. blaming the victim doesn't help in speaking of food industries and it certainly doesn't help victims of sexual assault
3. comparing the two in such terms minimizes both issues
4. comparing the two in such terms completely bans any nuanced conversation about issues that critically affect real people's real lives
5. shaming and scare tactics are not helpful. ever.