Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rape is always bad

Jezebel comments on an NPR segment discussing prison rape. I really appreciate the point that Rape is never ok, deserved, or brought upon oneself. Minimizing Rape against some minimizes the act in general and decreases our empathy for victims. Prison rape always gets "joked" about in my high school classes as we talk about male victims, and I am careful to make the point that far from funny, prison Rape is a most solid example of a hierarchy of power that uses Rape as a tactic of domination.

If a woman walks down the street in a short skirt, and every one chooses to let her pass - there is no sexual assault.

If a woman chooses to drink to the point of blackout, and no one chooses to sexually assault her, she won't experience Rape.

If a person goes to prison to "pay" for a crime, and no one chooses to violate them, they will serve their sentence without Rape.

No one deserves or asks to be Raped, and only by stopping perpetration can we stop assault. Prevention has to come from people choosing not to violate others.