Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rape discounted for global recession

German brothels are offering all manner of discounts to encourage more buying of women. Related: women aren't making enough money to live and are increasingly turning to sex work to make ends meet.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Think Global Act Local

We walk around with a disconnect like our lives have nothing to do with those suffering systematic Rape and mutilation as weapons of war. We walk around like we have no responsibility to those living less fortunate. Examples like these of how our daily, mindless consumption has worldwide effects are staggering. I think they are also the most useful.

In a capitalist nation our biggest power is our buying and spending power. Companies do not operate out of compassion but out of a bottom line and our duty as citizens of the world is to make their bottom line answer to our compassion. Instead of buying a new phone every two years, keep your old one til it dies - or buy a used one on ebay to keep the demand for the metals (mined by warring terrorist groups in the Congo and sold for weaponry to fuel their fight) down. Better yet, write your phone manufacturer, tell them of your plan, and vow to continue until they institute a policy to trace the materials they use. Encourage 10 of your friends to do the same. Donate the money you would have spent on a new phone to an organization working to end sexual violence.

Instead of an ostentatious diamond ring invest the money into an engagement canoe, or a down payment for a house, or donate the money to an organization working to end domestic violence. OR make sure your diamonds are registered and traced as non-conflict (most of these would come from Canada). DO NOT buy from DeBeers.

Make sure the gold in your wedding band was mined under environmentally sound sanctions (probably out of Utah).

You have spending power - use it wisely! Make it matter!

Sexual Assault Awareness

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month!

Any readers in the Upper Valley be sure to check out the WISE display at DHMC, and come to our Film Series!

Friday Nights in April
Women's Health Resource Center
On the Mall in Lebanon NH
6 pm - candy, popcorn and cider provided!
Dialogue to follow...

Bring a friend! Bring a date! Bring your family! It's a hard topic but it's important, and it's a great time to connect with your community and realize all the ways in which we all contribute to putting an end to violence!

Rape is always bad

Jezebel comments on an NPR segment discussing prison rape. I really appreciate the point that Rape is never ok, deserved, or brought upon oneself. Minimizing Rape against some minimizes the act in general and decreases our empathy for victims. Prison rape always gets "joked" about in my high school classes as we talk about male victims, and I am careful to make the point that far from funny, prison Rape is a most solid example of a hierarchy of power that uses Rape as a tactic of domination.

If a woman walks down the street in a short skirt, and every one chooses to let her pass - there is no sexual assault.

If a woman chooses to drink to the point of blackout, and no one chooses to sexually assault her, she won't experience Rape.

If a person goes to prison to "pay" for a crime, and no one chooses to violate them, they will serve their sentence without Rape.

No one deserves or asks to be Raped, and only by stopping perpetration can we stop assault. Prevention has to come from people choosing not to violate others.

Post Secret Sexual Assault

These have two vastly different tones but both are sexual assault, and one is not funnier than the other. It's interesting to me that these were both within the same week because I find them to be a perfect example of the spectrum that our culture "supports" - and believe that supporting or laughing at one contributes to endorsing the other.