Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rape and Republicans

A new study by Child Trends reinforced the 1:5 statistic we know about the likelihood that a woman will be raped in her youth. What's just beginning to be talked about is how this relates to reproductive health. The Family Violence Prevention Fund is using this new research to highlight an issue that's largely overlooked: how dating violence - including sexual violence - relates to reproductive heath, and by extension, the upcoming election.

Not only does the (republican) government want to control women's bodies - it's a trick that abusive partners have learned as well. When we talk about teen pregnancy, we need to include the conversation of how and WHY these girls are having babies. Lack of comprehensive health education? Coercive dating partners (again, lack of comprehensive health education including sexual violence education)? Doesn't matter to the GOP - those sluts are going to have the freedom to make their own choice - just like Bristol Palin - as long as their choice is forced pregnancy and marriage to the boy owning the penis that the sperm shot out of. Who cares if he's abusive and the pregnancy is a result of birth control sabotage and rape? Not Sarah Palin (who thinks any rape survivor who has the audacity to demand justice should have to pay for their own Evidence Collection Kit).

Ladies, don't kid yourself the GOP hates you. Even you white, upper classed privileged ones that support them.

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