Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Reading List

I've been grossly bereft of time to blog, however I wanted to post these recent posts lest they go unnoticed, unappreciated, un-considered.

Pornographication extends itself to morning coffee. While you may have seen the original news blitz back in January, the normalization in such a short amount of time is worth noting. Also the callus response to attempts at moral and personal integrity. Apparently integrity is now misconstrued as an annoyance rather than a virtue.

A sickening example of why bystander education should be mandatory. You are a bystander. Always. What you choose do as such has massive implications in the world.

Gray Rape doesn't exist. A survivor has the right to define her experience, but the crime remains - Rape by any other name is still Rape. Furthermore, I think that we have a responsibility to our community, to other survivors, and to ourselves not to minimize/sacrifice/concede in order to make those operative in the patriarchy more comfortable.

That's all I can stomach for the night.