Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Girly = shameful

BBC reports that Thai police are being forced to wear pink, girly armbands as punishment for minor infractions as a way to shame them into submission. Girly because female consists of shame and submission in a Rape culture. When I brought this up in my sociology class on Class, Power and Social Change, I was told by the professor that it worked because no boy wants to be a girl because they are boys, not because girls and the feminine are degraded and devalued perpetually by societies which thrive on the oppression of women through gender tension. Another example of being told "don't be such a girl" and all of the inherent value judgment that women are lesser, being woman is shameful, and one should strive always to avoid such a label. He told me I couldn't suck the fun out of everything. (In case you haven't heard, feminists have no humor.)