Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Man who raped 10 year-old gets lenient sentence because girl dressed "provocatively"

No, this isn't about the case we reported on several months ago, where a 20 year-old man who raped a 10 year-old off with no jail time because of "his belief that she was over 16." This is a whole new load of bullshit.

Oxford Crown Court heard that [Keith] Fenn raped the girl in a park on 14 October, before an accomplice, Darren Wright, 34, took her home and sexually assaulted her.

Judge Hall said in sentencing he faced a moral dilemma as the fact they had sex within 45 minutes of meeting was an absolute crime.

But he said the girl had dressed provocatively and looked as though she was 16. (Emphasis mine)

Well it's nice to know that the way a 10 year-old dresses has bearing on whether or not she was assaulted. Fucking disgusting.