Sunday, May 13, 2007

Twisty post on the myth of consent

"Well, what if lack of consent were the default? What if all prospective objects of dudely predation — by whom I mean all women — are a priori considered to have said “no”? What if women, in other words, were seen by the courts to abide in a persistent legal condition of keep-the-fuck-off-me?"

I was starting to worry about this plan for a moment - slipping towards the patriarchal argument that we must not presume guilt - when she hits me with this mind shattering logic:

"I grasp that, technically, the plan criminalizes all male participants in heterosexual sex.

Well, what of it? The set-up now, with the emphasis — in a misogynist world with a misogynist judiciary — on whether or not women “give” consent, is that female participants are all infinitely rapeable, because all some perv has to do is say, “she said yes.” "

WOW! Of course! Here I am worrying about the poor boys and the possibility that one may get caught up, and all along society has been willing to sacrifice the girls in a much more violent, devastating way. And yet my first gut response was to roll merrily along with the status quo, even as I craft my life around fighting it.