Monday, May 28, 2007

The real victims of Rape

Apparently the real victims of Rape are the perpetrators who get away with it. 10 baseball players were disrupted in the middle of their gang Rape of a 17 year old girl who was unconscious and choking on vomit.

"The only consequences so far have been that eight baseball players were suspended, resulting in the cancellation of three games. At least one of the players brought in by the grand jury thinks justice has been served: "From the beginning, I kind of felt like it was a witch hunt and the De Anza players were victims, and not really this girl," pitcher Chris Knopf told the San Jose Mercury News."

There is no witch hunt! The 10 men were caught in the act! And identified by at least 4 women. But of course a man is going to sympathize with the perps - this sort of thing could happen to anyone. Just imagine if you gang Raped someone and were accused, wouldn't you want justice to be served??

How do I live in a world where a 17 year old is found unconscious with a man thrusting in her and 9 men watching and that is considered consensual SEX??? I'm agreeing more and more with Twisty's definition of consent.

Also see Twisty and Feministing's posts on the subject.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Satire. Funny, and also really creepy.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Fraud + Rape = Innocent

Boston Globe
Court rules sex through use of fraud is not rape

By Jonathan Saltzman, Globe Staff | May 11, 2007

A Hampden County man who allegedly tricked his brother's girlfriend into having sex with him by impersonating his sibling in the middle of the night cannot be convicted of rape, the state's highest court ruled yesterday in a controversial decision that affirms the court's long-held view that sex obtained through fraud is no crime.

The Supreme Judicial Court unanimously ruled that a judge should have dismissed the rape charge against Alvin Suliveres , 44, of Westfield, because Massachusetts law has for centuries defined rape as sexual intercourse by force and against one's will, and that it is not rape when consent is obtained through fraud.

If the Legislature wants to make sex through fraud qualify as rape, it should follow the lead of several other states -- including Alabama, California, Michigan, and Tennessee -- and change the law, the court said.

Brownlow M. Speer , a state public defender who represented Suliveres in the challenge, praised the ruling. His client, who has been free since his March 2006 trial ended in a hung jury, denies impersonating his brother and maintains that the sex was consensual.

But Wendy J. Murphy , who teaches at the New England School of Law and advocates for victims of violence, condemned the ruling as regressive.

"The message that the court sends today is . . . that a man's ability to obtain sex through fraud with regard to who he is is more important than a woman's fundamental right to control her own body," said Murphy. She added, "It is impossible -- as a matter of fact and law -- to consent to sex with the wrong person."

Justice Judith A. Cowin , one of two women on the court, wrote the ruling.

The case dates to a night in January 2005. The woman was living with her boyfriend, Duane Suliveres , in a basement room of his father's home, according to the defense brief. Alvin Suliveres was also staying at the house.

Duane Suliveres , now 33, was working night shifts, the brief said. At 3 a.m., the woman later told authorities, she was awakened by the sound of the door opening to the dark room and said, "Duane, why are you home so early?" but heard no response. Then, she said, someone she thought was her boyfriend got into bed, removed her clothes, and had sex with her for about 10 minutes.

He got up and opened the door, and she saw that it was Alvin Suliveres, she told authorities.

After Hampden County prosecutors presented their case, Suliveres's trial lawyer asked Superior Court Judge Tina S. Page to acquit his client for lack of evidence, but the judge refused. The case went to the jury, which could not reach a verdict.

Jonathan Saltzman can be reached at
Twisty post on the myth of consent

"Well, what if lack of consent were the default? What if all prospective objects of dudely predation — by whom I mean all women — are a priori considered to have said “no”? What if women, in other words, were seen by the courts to abide in a persistent legal condition of keep-the-fuck-off-me?"

I was starting to worry about this plan for a moment - slipping towards the patriarchal argument that we must not presume guilt - when she hits me with this mind shattering logic:

"I grasp that, technically, the plan criminalizes all male participants in heterosexual sex.

Well, what of it? The set-up now, with the emphasis — in a misogynist world with a misogynist judiciary — on whether or not women “give” consent, is that female participants are all infinitely rapeable, because all some perv has to do is say, “she said yes.” "

WOW! Of course! Here I am worrying about the poor boys and the possibility that one may get caught up, and all along society has been willing to sacrifice the girls in a much more violent, devastating way. And yet my first gut response was to roll merrily along with the status quo, even as I craft my life around fighting it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Girls are made of sugar and spice...

Twisy's blog is DEFINITELY an example of girl's constant socialization into Rape Culture. I joke to my friend Monika that girls are socialized to be prostitutes through heterosexual dating expectations, but this isn't really a joke at all...

Kamp Sexbot
Published May 9th, 2007 in Femininity.

I live a pretty vivid inner life, but some things are so sinister, so creepy, so vulgar, that even I couldn’t make’em up. As an example of a real-life horror scenario, I give you the Sugar & Spice Spa Camp for Girls.

That’s right. No archery or horseback riding or canoeing or lanyard-making will interfere with “what girls want to learn.” No s’mores, no ghost stories around the campfire, no make-outs behind the hay barn. Girls ages 12 to 15 will “practice giving manicures, facials, pedicures and basic massage technique.” To enhance their chances of becoming centerfolds, I suppose.

The camp brochure actually alludes to the campers as “femme fatales [sic],” so there can be little doubt that the goal is to prepare them for a career in the titillation business. Check out the Theme Days. Like Diva Day, when — I know it sounds fantastic, but there it is, in black-and-white — “the girls get to sit in a director’s chair…

…and learn what colors match their skin tone.”

Mastery of these oppressive femininity rituals will be “balanced” with yoga and aromatherapy, I’m guessing so that the poor kids can relieve the stress engendered by this wholesale savaging of their sense of self.